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Scientific Evidence

Massage manipulates tissue, changing the neurological signaling relating to pain and motor control. Endorphins and serotonin are then released which help modulate pain (Daglish and Mama, 2016).

Laser therapy has beneficial effects on pain within the musculoskeletal system without causing trauma to the tissue. This has an influence on the local inflammatory mediators and their distribution (Mama and Hector, 2019).


Laser therapy produces photobiomodulation, which aims to stimulate healing and analgesia within tissues. This can be used for osteoarthritis, joint pain, inflammation and wound healing (Wardlaw et al., 2018). This was proven in Wardlaw et al., (2018) study as increased healing rates were identified for dogs recieving laser following IVDD surgery when compared to a control group.

Controlled exercise such as slow lead walking can build up and strengthen soft tissues surrounding joints affected  by osteoarthritis, preventing further cartilage degeneration (Davies, 2015).

Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire dog physiotherapy
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